Here at Paradoxes, there are often topics that spark our curiosity and go beyond the work we do for our clients. We will update this page with new studies as they are released.

Executive Decision-Maker Study

New! Paradoxes Decision-Maker Research Series

February 2018

Paradoxes surveyed and interviewed over 170 U.S. executives from companies like Microsoft, Uber, and Amazon to find out how they make decisions.

Download the full study to find out how you can define your decision-making style, and see how it compares.

SMB SaaS Usage & Adoption Study

Paradoxes Pulse Research Series

September 2017

Paradoxes recently surveyed SMBs across the U.S. to find out what kind of SaaS applications they subscribe to, what motivates them to pay, and what prevents them from getting the most value out of their software.

Download the full study to learn more.

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Paradoxes is a strategic marketing organization that helps technology companies collect, analyze, and use data to make smarter sales, marketing, and product decisions.

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