Established in 2007, Paradoxes is a strategic marketing organization that gathers and analyzes information to help organizations make smarter sales, marketing and product decisions.

We enable our customers to capitalize on opportunities, overcome challenges and mitigate risk.

Our Story

Over the first 20 years of my career, I worked across a range of sales, marketing and product roles for brands including Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, Nintendo, Golin Harris Communications, J. Walter Thompson and Microsoft; and I founded and operated three businesses.

Across these experiences, I recognized there were separate research, marketing strategy and data analytics firms but there was an absence of companies that combined these disciplines. I grew focused on bringing the best of these disciplines together under one roof with the goal of helping organizations make smarter sales, marketing and product decisions. In 2007, I joined forces with Steve Boehm and Melissa Codespoti to found Paradoxes with this mission.

Nearly 15 years later, we continue to cross-pollinate these disciplines to help many of the world’s leading brands capitalize on opportunities, overcome challenges and mitigate risk.

We have worked diligently to deliver positive outcomes to our clients and their customers and are proud of the numerous initial projects that have developed into enduring partnerships.

We are on a journey to continuously improve the ways in which we apply our craft to your business and your customers. Whether you’re an existing customer or a prospective one, we look forward to contributing to your goals going forward.

J. Scott Codespoti
About Our Name

Paradox: Any person, place or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature

Decades ago, my wife, and business partner, and I became fascinated with the equilibrium often realized when two opposite conditions, facts or forces coexist (e.g., customers want choices but not too many).

We realized the decision-making work we do required us to identify, examine and address such opposing forces, such Paradoxes. And thus, our name came to be.

Our Team

Paradoxes Leadership

J. Scott Codespoti


Scott founded Paradoxes in 2007 with the vision of blending the disciplines of research, analytics and strategic marketing to help organizations make smarter sales, marketing, and product decisions, with an increasing emphasis today on helping clients drive adoption and usage of products and services. He leads the strategic planning of all client engagements, oversees project quality, heads client relationship development, and drives exploration and adoption of innovative research and analytics techniques and technologies.

Melissa Codespoti


Melissa co-founded Paradoxes in 2007. As the Chief Strategy Officer for the company, her role spans all internal departments. She is responsible for developing, maintaining and improving the business of the business in order to serve Paradoxes clients effectively and efficiently. Recruiting, developing, and inspiring our most important assets — employee partners — is a principal area of her focus and strength.

Steve C. Boehm


Steve joined Paradoxes at its inception in 2007, after being inspired by Scott and Melissa’s vision to help organizations make smarter sales, marketing and product decisions. He is a member of Paradoxes Leadership team. Steve has spent over 25 years working in the technology sector in sales, strategy, and business development roles, and has served in executive roles for Fortune 20 organizations including Packard Bell/NEC and numerous start-up and early stage companies.

Paradoxes Marketing Strategists, Researchers, Analysts

Ariel Pacific

Marketing Stratagist

Ariel joined Paradoxes in January 2024. Ariel helps companies make more informed strategic decisions by helping them connect with and understand the needs of their customers. With several years of market research experience, Ariel has managed research in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia and has worked in industries ranging from renewable energy to jewelry to healthcare to tech. When not managing client research, Ariel writes fiction and collects new hobbies and activities. Her most recent being tango and fencing.

Jane Tang


Jane joined Paradoxes in April 2021. She has a BA in marketing and information systems and a MS in information systems management from the University of Washington. She enjoys storytelling and connecting/supporting people through data-informed decisions. In her free time, she loves a good book, creating things, and travel.

Julianne Krane 


Julianne joined Paradoxes in 2024 after graduating from the University of Tampa where she received her BS in Marketing and a minor in Business Analytics. Previously, she has had two other internships both in marketing and she looks forward to continuing to grow in her field as she learns more about marketing research. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys reading, painting, and spending time outside through gardening and hiking.

Prisca Tsai

STRATEGIST & qualitative Researcher

Prisca has been working on Paradoxes projects since 2022. After years working at a NYC Art Gallery, her deep curiosity and passion for understanding people led her to qualitative research. Her experience spans various industries, including consumer goods, insurance, technology, and non-profits. Prisca grew up in France and now resides in NJ. She holds a Master of Arts and Communication from La Sorbonne, Paris. She likes gardening, photography, and attending Cultural Events in all forms.

Rob Overgard


Robert Overgard has been working on projects with Paradoxes since 2015. Rob has over 25 years’ experience in marketing analytics and data science for companies including Microsoft, Expedia, Zillow Group, FedEx, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Hallmark Cards. Rob is certified in data science and AI from the University of Chicago, has an MBA from Vanderbilt and bachelor’s degrees in psychology, natural science, and mathematics from the University of Wyoming. In his free time, Rob enjoys RVing on the west coast.

Alex Chen


Alex is an expert data analyst and came to Paradoxes after running worldwide audience studies for Microsoft. As a Data Analyst, Alex currently focuses on helping drive Paradoxes’ data analytics practice and provides our North American clients with around the clock data processing and analytics services working from his office in China.

Paradoxes Specialists

Maria Gitman

Director Of Finance

Maria has over 15 years of experience in general office management, accounting, booking and HR. She is passionate about developing and managing internal business processes that enable start up companies to thrive and grow, as well as establishing strong company cultures.

Roel Mucollari

Director of Research Operations

Roel started working at Paradoxes in July of 2020, upon realizing his interest in market research. Since joining Paradoxes, Roel has focused on quantitative research including but not limited to survey programming and quantitative reporting. Roel received a marketing communications degree from Baruch College in NYC and currently resides there. Whenever he’s not on his work computer, he’s either taking weekend road trips with friends or playing soccer.

Jobs We Do

We help leading brands make smarter decisions at every stage of the product lifecycle.


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