Plan + Design

As product development begins you work to define your value proposition and differentiate your product. You’re identifying market opportunities and profiling your target audience. As you learn, you refine your design and your product improves.

Key Elements
  • Size and segment your market opportunity
  • Profile and personify your target audiences
  • Define and differentiate your value
  • Inform the design, build and evolution of your products and services

How We Help

 Go To Market

This stage defines your positioning and messaging, determines your packaging and pricing and directs your GTM strategy. There are many facets to your GTM – establishing your channel strategy, building pipeline through research-based thought leadership, and modeling customer acquisition and up/cross-sell paths. It concludes with measuring your marketing effectiveness and learning why you win and lose deals.

Key Elements
  • Develop and test your positioning and messaging
  • Determine and validate your pricing and packaging
  • Guide how you bring your product to market and build pipeline

How We Help

 Adapt, Use, Satisfy

Ultimately, you want to become the go-to solution in your category; said another way you want your product to be used habitually. This requires a positive end-to-end customer experience from first user experience, to driving feature adoption through intuitiveness and in-product messaging thus mitigating churn and ultimately driving customer satisfaction.

Key Elements
  • Inform your adoption and usage strategies; create habitual usage
  • Establish and track you and your competitor’s satisfaction/NPS and related drivers

How We Help

We tailor our engagement with you to fit your needs

Our services are flexible, whether you’re looking to determine the essence of your message, size a market, outsource a full-service research project, recruit participants for your study or are looking for guidance based on our decades of strategic marketing experience – we’ll shape our engagement to meet your needs, timeline and budget.

Advisory Consulting

Paradoxes synthesizes and analyzes your existing data to answer your key business questions and provide actionable guidance.

Strategy Consulting

Paradoxes analyzes and presents data (yours or public data) to help you inform and develop strategies and frameworks.

Hybrid Services

Paradoxes works alongside you to create a research plan and divides the components of execution between us and your team.


Paradoxes works with you to create a research plan and executes on the plan – data collection, synthesis and analysis, and reporting and recommendations.

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We help leading brands make smarter decisions at every stage of the product lifecycle.


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