Creating Habits

Businesses that create customer habits gain a significant competitive advantage. Habits are developed by moving engagement levers such as making it easy for customers to use your product, helping users understand that it’s for them, and delivering on clear, simple use cases that address strong unmet needs throughout a user’s day.

Over the last several years, Paradoxes has applied this to many top brands, helping them build engagement – the pathway to creating habits. We created the Paradoxes Product Habit Framework℠ to help us get your product to be a habit with your users. To find out more about how your organization can put this framework to use, contact us.

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Product Habit Framework ℠

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Paradoxes Product Habit Framework℠ (PHF)


The PHF enables you to effectively build customer habits by pinpointing and unblocking obstacles to adoption.

Whether you’re a local or multi-national brand, you’re bringing a new innovation to market or seeking to keep an established brand relevant, you want an answer to a specific question, or have broader strategic needs, Paradoxes can help your organization Make Smarter Decisions℠ that will result in meaningful and measurable outcomes. 

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